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Below are media kits for each of Stull’s books. Also included are a sampling of book reviews and media information about Patrick Stull and his body of work. As a summary, his media exposure spans, TV, radio, blogs, online and print publications. Please refer to the ABOUT section for more information about Stull.

For two decades of photographic and artistic endeavors, Stull has concentrated on artistic pursuits avoiding commercial work. Instead, he has concentrated on developing a portfolio of work, creating imagery, exhibitions and fine art books. Recently he has begun to sell a limited number of his photographs and books. Please refer to the “Prints” and “Book” sections of this website. 

TO AWAKEN - Something different, unique and powerful. Stull’s upcoming multi-media exhibition provides the viewer a personal encounter with their primal and spiritual natures. He delves into the surreal, the abstract and something more ethereal and sublime-our relationship with this amazing creature we call woman. His new work presents artistic moments where photography and his other artistic expressions fuse with technology, while drenched in his relationship with his subjects, creating possibly a new type of artistic expression.


Encounters Inquiries: Publicist for the book Encounters - The Barrett Company, Charles Barrett 301.471.5764, Website:

Evolve by Patrick Stull


I give you the female form at a magical moment in time. This body of work is about a woman’s evolution in becoming something different.

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Encounters is a collection of imagery created over the last 20 years. The imagery is coupled with text and perspectives about the human experience.



I welcome you into my introspective world. Let go as you visually traverse the photographic landscapes from reality toward something else.



Stull has been interviewed on radio, filmed for television and published in various national and local print media. The following are a few examples.



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