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Stull's creates unique, one of a kind exhibition experiences about the lives of women and our humanity. Entering the exhibit, the viewer encounters twenty feet walls of sheer, translucent fabric, imagery floating in mid-air, intense lighting that empowers the imagery and other art elements that enhance the experience. The viewer uses an audio device containing narration, originally scored music, comments by his subjects and Stull himself. There’s a reason he uses the term “Be Changed by the Experience” - you will be. To the right is a sample of the experience.






a woman’s journey

Evolve is about a woman's evolution as she creates life. It contains over 100 large scale photographic images, 150 drawing and composition art, twenty life size body casts/sculpture made of wax, plaster and steel. The following video's and audio samples are from the Evolve... a woman's journey exhibit.


Evolve... a woman’s journey




It is a communications vehicle, empowering women to speak of the knowledge gained and the power unleashed within them during the time of pregnancy.

It is a traveling exhibition, a platform for women to reflect and hopefully to share the love they have found with a world in pain.


When you look at me


Visually, I wanted to return to my beginnings. As I find time chasing me, not keeping far enough ahead of it to discover all that I have missed and want to know, I wanted to capture the visual essence of the body as it transforms.



Six Jewish Girls

The Six Jewish Girls exhibition is about friendship and culture as six eighteen years old women enter the world of independence. This video and audio samples are from the exhibit.

Six Jewish Girls — Patrick Stull

The exhibition allows you to meet each girl separately and then as a group. They speak of their Jewish culture, community, how women support each other, the excitement of youth and their life aspirations. The young women met through their participation in a teen fellowship program and built their friendship as they traveled to Israel.

This project was created and exhibited in 2006 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.


Since then, the girls have traveled the world, completed college and have embarked on their life careers. The ideas and comments presented in this exhibition are in their purist form. There has been no attempt to further any political, philosophical or religious viewpoint, except to present, in their own words, how these young women see the world, how they care about each other, how their experiences have shaped their lives and how the Jewish community has offered them the opportunity to grow.

Six Jewish Girls — Patrick Stull