Encounters is 250 pages of unique, transformative imagery. It contains text about women, art and our existence. The male form is also included in a dynamic way. The intent of the book is to source money to feed children, protect women from the violence they face in everyday life and to awaken the power of art in our lives. Exhibition under development.

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Encounters – moments of inspiration, by Beth Adams of Pacific Book Review

Impeccably compiled, printed and edited, Encounters pages as if viewers are taken through a gallery of the artist’s photographs; revolving around various themes of primarily women, the human form, dance; each of the collections having the unique penetrating viewing of the subjects’ soul. From the captivating cover photograph of a woman’s hypnotizing stare from halfway behind a veil, the power and intensity of Stull’s work intrigues viewers from the onset. Read More

Encounters Reviewed By Norm Goldman of Bookpleasures.com:

With his stunning collection of images displayed in his recent tome, Encounters Patrick Stull aims to teach, understand and shape our behavior in a positive manner toward women. As he notes, the images operate in multiple disciplines: the realm of the surreal, blatant reality and the abstract. He has created postures and elements in the imagery to exemplify his view of women, the body, society and, most of all, his love for art. Read More

Encounters: Moments of Inspiration, by The US Review of Books

Packed with glossy, artistic photos, paintings, and composites of women and men in various poses and forms, this book offers up the human body as art in numerous ways. Sized as a coffee table book, each chapter presents photos that follow a common thread such as dignity, dance, adversity, and sensuality. Models range from the young and fit to the old or infirm. Occasionally, the artist provides his thoughts or insights about the human condition or simply shares the stories of the models themselves, their diverse backgrounds, and their unique challenges in the world. Read More