American artist, Patrick Stull has spent two decades mostly creating imagery about the lives of women. He searches for what lies beneath the surface of his subjects, empowering each one he encounters. He has recently ventured into the realm of abstraction and surrealism, creating powerful imagery that reflects on our humanity while dealing with the meaning and power of art.

Stull is currently working on several projects/books including a new exhibition called, TO AWAKEN. He says, "My work has allowed me to venture past the camera into the realm of a humanist, an artistic life, delving into the intellectual, a more cerebral life experience, creating what I call “Connectivism.”  This is where photographic design and concepts merge with classic artistic endeavors like paint, sculpture, drawing and other specific artistic expressions, while collaborating with technology as though it was paint on a brush. Here, Stull creates something new and original, allowing the viewer a once in a life time cathartic and spiritual experience into their humanity and a most intimate journey into the lives of women.

His ongoing work is based in large-scale digital photography accompanied by sculpture/body casts, composition art, painting, poetry/prose and drawings.  His art is then integrated, collectively, into exhibitions to provide the viewer a once in a lifetime experience. The presentation of the work is delivered to the viewer in a unique and emotionally powerful way. 

Stull, approaching 72, is a self-taught artist, works in many artistic disciplines. Educated at San Diego State University with degrees in psychology, economics and philosophy during the 1960’s, amidst the backdrop of the counter-culture revolution and the Viet Nam War, where his social consciousness and political views were shaped. Stull emerged from an Irish Catholic/German family, one of five children where work, discipline and religion took precedence over emotional expressions of the self – a different kind of loving environment. Being a husband of thirty-plus years and father to two has taught him the power of kindness, love and commitment.