Woman... a global view


Experience a captivating multicultural view of women worldwide with a focus on their contributions, potential fate and the fabric of the society within, which they function. There are several subsection to this body of work. "Women Under The Veil" exposes the political and economic cloak that women must function under to survive. "Words - Art - Women" here you listen to women speak about their lives. "Race a Beautiful Thing" this effort focuses on race and gender as its connection to women's lives. 

To understand a woman is to nourish your existence

To protect her against the violence is to connect with your humanity.

To stand beside her in the face of injustice transforms you and connects you to the ethereal

                                             P. Stull

Music Composition: Shane Watson  -   Audio Intergration: Sirius Sound  -   Female Voice: Hannah Dworkin  -  Subjects: No professional models are being used