Evolve... a woman's journey - Pregnancy


Evolve is a magical, artistic, and personal encounter with oneself, focusing on a woman’s journey through her own evolution, as she creates life. The exhibit presents women at their most spectacular moment in time, pregnant. Artistically, it says nothing more than look at the body, look how it transforms and expands, creating a vessel for life to begin. However, in the abstract, the Artist provides the viewer with the opportunity to think about the process of life, each of our mystifying beginnings and most of all, a reflection point into the world of the woman herself. This experience is not about the physical process but about her evolutionary experience.

This 20,000 square foot exhibition is based in large-scale photographic images accompanied by a compilation of other art forms such as body castings/sculptures, drawings, oil painting, composition art, music, and recordings of the women. These elements are all integrated and surrounded by walls of fabric, attempting to present the complexity and beauty of a woman’s experience and her relevance to our lives. Viewers wear an audio device with which they listen to the women and the Artist.

Those that have taken the journey with me:  Hemali Acharya Zaveri (Photo assistant/digital tech) - Rossella Scapini (Assistant mold maker/sculpture) - Clair Hummel (Assistant mold maker/Jeweler) - Richelle Pozas ODonnell (marketing/sales) - Sally Stull (wife, partner, friend) - Daniel Moy (Music Composer) - Sirius Sound (Audio Intergration) - Jackie Markin (Audio Editing/producer) Exhibition Date: Exhibited in 2012 at Fort Mason Center for the Arts.





Visitor’s Comments


Alicia Berkeley - California
Very moved!
I just saw Evolve this morning and I wanted to tell you how moved I am by your work. I am a mother of a 2 year old and presently “waiting” for baby #2 to arrive any day. Your exhibit touched my soul and I was brought to tears multiple times as I made my way through the rooms. Thank you.
Ginny Higgins – San Francisco, California

Dear Patrick
Thank you! Congratulations on a world-class exhibit! Your presentation was a beautiful, awe-inspiring, life affirming experience. I was so deeply touched – I laughed, I cried, I danced! The last visual image was so very profound and exquisite! Thank you for sharing your many gifts. The world needs you!
Warmest Regards,

Congratulations on the opening of Evolve – it was truly amazing and an *incredible* experience being there.

Judy – Marin California
I attended the Evolve a woman’s journey exhibition on Friday and want you to know how inspiring it was. I saw a man crying and asked his friend if he was OK. His friend told me he just called his wife while he was in the exhibition and apologized as to how he had treated her when she was pregnant – simply an amazing gift.

Stull about Joe - Larkspur, California
Subject: Encounter
The last day of the exhibit I encountered a man and woman coming out of the show. He was crying and could not catch his breath. I thought that he was in need of a doctor. The woman next to him introduced herself as his wife and said, “he’s OK” . He looked at me and said, “that was powerful” as tears continued down his cheeks. His wife said, -“Joe was deserted when he was a child and the show touched him deeply.”

Arthur Ablin, M.D. - Professor Emeritus of Clinical Pediatrics
Evolve was very moving, striking a deep chord with me. I shed many tears on the way to my next event and shared my experience with 20 of my colleagues who were envious and motivated to join me at the exhibit. I will never forget Patrick and his journey into the hearts and minds of women. Thank you again.