Six Jewish Girls...


Enter the world of six, eighteen year-old Jewish girls. One is the mother of the group, one loves to party, a couple look at the world very seriously and one wants to be in fashion. Each very different from the other and yet, as women, they share a common bond. The exhibition allows you to meet each girl separately and then as a group. They speak of their Jewish culture, community, how women support each other, the excitement of youth and their life aspirations. The young women met through their participation in a teen fellowship program and built their friendship as they traveled to Israel. This project was created and exhibited in 2006 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Since then, the girls have traveled the world, completed college and have embarked on their life careers. Now, at 27, they are being re-recorded and photographed to document and share their growth and changes. The ideas and comments presented in this exhibition are in their purist form. There has been no attempt to further any political, philosophical or religious viewpoint, except to present, in their own words, how these young women see the world, how they care about each other, how their experiences have shaped their lives and how the Jewish community has offered them the opportunity to grow.

Audio Editing: Jackie Markin  -  Exhibition:  - Exhibited in 2006 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts


Visitor’s Comments

“I was blown away”
“The photographs were exquisite”
“It was amazing listening to the women”
“I did not want it to end”